European champs, Humberside chumps and D-Beck of course

So here we are. The first proper blog of 6 pointer. And on this blog we dont stand around and we talk about the spherical instrument known as a football (Partridge counter = 1)

1. Fulham will win the Europa League

Ok, its a bold statement to start us off. Especially when you have some European heavyweights such as goal frenetic Valencia and ailing giant Liverpool, both of whom could do with winning this competition to mask their mediocre seasons. Roy Hodgson, is for my money, one of Europes finest managers based on what he’s achieved in the past three seasons alone, never mind his 30 years in management.

Fulham have knocked out defending champs, Shaktar Donetsk and the Azzuri, Juventus. So why not? The draw has helped them as well and a trip to Wolfsburg isn’t as daunting as it could have been.

I reckon it will be them and Valencia in the final. Don’t count out Hamburg either, they’ll give it a good go with Ruud leading the line.

2. Manchester United will win the Champions League

And herein lies the first biased comment. I may be a United fan, but the draw today looks very favourable for the 2008 winners.

The Bayern tie won’t be easy, but if United do what Fiorentina almost did in the last 16, I don’t see too many problems. It also gives Owen Hargreaves a perfect incentive to get back into the first team.

Arsenal have been given the worst draw possible, with Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas probably meeting their future employers for next season (guffaw guffaw).

I also expect Inter to struggle away in Moscow. CSKA are now installed as my ‘dark-horses’ after Bordeaux have to face United in the semi-finals. Inter were woeful up front against Chelsea but got the job done.

3. Hull are as good as down

I don’t like Phil Brown. I’m not a fan of his perma-tan (seems to be a Humberside tradition to be tangoed). But the fact is I hate Ian Dowie even more.

His record speaks for itself. Bar one great season at Palace in 04/05, every club he’s been at (except QPR, who fired him way too early, like with everyone) he’s led each team on a path to footballing destruction. Even in that good season they still went down.

Brown should have been sacked before the season started in my opinion, but installing Dowie is a short term cheap option which in my opinion, will lead the Tigers to a roaring relegation. Just about, there’s about 7 teams equally terrible.

4. Riera talks sense and joins the transfer list

And the award for bad timing of the week goes to Albert Riera, that naughty Spanish winger.

He’s probably right about Benitez, saying he’s a poor manager and distances himself from players.

However when you’re still at the club, albeit a fringe player who hasn’t done too well in the Premier League, you’re asking for a lenghty spell on the sidelines and a pretty certain transfer move.

Babel got the cold shoulder for a few months, difference is here, Babel’s a good player.

Adios Senor Riera.

5. Jimmy Bullard is without doubt the funniest footballer ever

Watch the following clips and agree with me. He laughed at Big Dunc, he fought Nicky Barmby…..on the Humber Bridge, which got Phil Brown sacked. Now he does shampoo commercials.

I love you Jimmy. All footballers called Jimmy are amazing.


6. Beckham out of the World Cup is sad…..for brand Beckham

I respect everything Beckham did for United and England circa 1998-2006, but since then I’ve not been too fussed about his status in the celebrity world and on the field.

His game against United the week before should be his swan-song really. A great performance plus a great photo moment with the anti-Glazer scarf.

But now Big Fabio has said, like Hannibal telling Mr- T, “Get on that plane D-Beck”  And unlike Mr T and also Dennis Bergkamp, who are both staunchly against travelling by air, D-Beck will fly with the squad certainly.

'Fabio says I'm in first class, Dunga says you're not'

Why? Will he provide inspiration to the team? Or just glare  from the stand at  the unlucky wonderkid who replaces him on the right hand side? I’m thinking the latter.

Plus it gives pundits a good reason to say why the team did badly. ‘It would be different if D-Beck was playing’ will be what Shearer or some other buffoon will say. Well, no. It’s time for someone else to man up and not have the shadow of Goldenballs looming over them………..

DISCLAIMER: 6pointer wishes to apologise for all the cynicism of classic 90’s England players and also unintentional multiple entendre .

Til next time, I’ve been Chris Mayer and you haven’t.


2 Responses to European champs, Humberside chumps and D-Beck of course

  1. Naz Kinsella says:

    Bit harsh on Becks there, is the wonderkid you’re talking about Theo Walcott?

    • mayerski5150 says:

      I think Fabio will pick Walcott ahead of SWP, as much as I don’t want that to happen. Milner all the way though. No point in Beckham being there, it’s like everyone thinks he’s never been to a World Cup

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