Gibfootballshow Podcast

WARNING: Self-indulgent plug alert.

I have now been podcasting for a good 2 months and I’m relatively certain that I can safely link you to these podcasts, as my podcasting skill has truly stayed constantly at an average level. So with that hearty endorsement, here are the fine Gibfootballshow podcasts.

Peruse for general global football chat with

  • Andrew Gibney – a superb conductor in the event of madness on the pods plus a fine website to boot.
  • Me, you don’t need to hear any more about me.
  • Brent Atema of the great GlobalFootballToday website, a very knowledge Chelsea fan from Texas who always brags about the fine weather there.
  • Charlie Anderson – An oracle of  Scandinavian football. He can’t be floored by a question on the Tippeligaen. His own blog is here and writes for IBWM as well.
  • Gav Stone – a purveyor of Englishmen who have fled the destruction of these shores and plied their trade across the globe. He runs the sensational
  • Ethan Dean Richards – I’ve clearly saved the best until last. The comedic foil for the group who never reveals the strategem behind his predictions. West Brom fan with some great views and his great site Surreal Football. Drinks Vimto.

And that’s about it really. This week’s talk revolves around how rubbish the Balon D’Or is now, Eredivisie (predominantly PSV), a sprinkle of Serie A and finally Michael Owen. Don’t worry, we don’t go all Henry Winter on him. Well I do, but that’s beside the point.

Please do listen, I will love each of you for doing so.



One Response to Gibfootballshow Podcast

  1. Andrew says:

    What a brilliant picture, Owen looking on in admiration of Winter’s striking technique!!!!

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