Chris Mayer: A Bio

So, you’ve decided to click on the About Page. You’re probably wondering why you have done so.

Fact is, I’m a 20 year old student currently studying Journalism in the vain hope I get a job at some mega globocorporation, preferably writing about sport.

If you’ve somehow found my blog amongst the plethora of other fine footballing blogs, then well played to you.

I’m new to this blogisphere (yeah I don’t like that term, but I do like using outrageously placed brackets)() so any feedback, preferably constructive but if you fancy, please be angry. I’ll hopefully mature like a fine wine as I go along….wow I sound like a right Gianluigi Buffoon

I’ll outline some key footballing facts about myself, just for context:

1. I’m pretty useless at football but once scored a winning goal in my high school interform, with a deftly placed 5 yard lob, a lob that young Messi can only dream about. I play right back if I have to.

2. I support Manchester United. Yeah pretty much given away in my icon on my page. The first game I remember is the 1996 Fa Cup Final, which in retrospect, was a terrible game but a beautiful finish from Eric Cantona, who will always remain my favourite United player.

3. Other players I’m particularly fond of in no particular order: Lionel Messi, Dennis Bergkamp, Johan Cruyff, Roy Keane, Thierry Henry (as much as it pains me to say), Xavi, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Zinedine Zidane, Zlatan Ibrahmovic, Abel Xavier and Jimmy Bullard. All for different reasons, the last two for hair and humour respectively, or comical reasons between them.

4. The greatest goal I’ve seen is either Ryan Giggs in 1999 against Arsenal or Trevor Sinclair’s overhead kick for QPR in 1997. Both in the FA Cup by the way.

5. Managers I like: Sir Alex for his success, Jose Mourinho for being Jose Mourinho and Paul Jewell for being a survival specialist with Wigan and Bradford, not so much with Derby but it wasn’t his fault.

6. Managers I dislike: Rafael Benitez for being inept, Arsene Wenger for being short-sighted and Chris Hutchings for being not very good

And there we are, I hope that minute insight into my footballing knowledge helps from a picture of myself. And like my blog, I kept it to 6 sections. Consistency

Right back to watching El Classico.

2 Responses to Chris Mayer: A Bio

  1. Wardy says:

    You should add the fact that you are good at lobbing the keeper to the list.

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